[Review] Wizz RSS

John Vrbanac john.vrbanac at linux.com
Sun Jul 15 19:44:30 UTC 2012

Hello all, I have reviewed Wizz RSS for issues. I have fixed a number of
packaging and media location issues within the following branch:


While the application installs to extras, currently, the application
will not open without my branch changes. See my comment to the author
regarding this.

Question for author:
I did have a question about the feedparser python library that is
included with the app. I know that there is a different (newer?) version
in the ubuntu archive. I was wondering if there was a particular reason
for including this file and not using the version in the archives?

Comment to author:
I noticed that in WizzrssWindow you were trying to grab your images
directly from a directory in /usr/share/wizzrss/media/... . Because the
application is being installed to /opt/extras.ubuntu.com/ those files
did not exist in /usr/share anymore. As a result the application
wouldn't even start because it couldn't find those files, I went ahead
and fixed the references to use a modified get_media_file() helper
function instead of hard coded paths. You'll find those changes in my
branch as well.


John Vrbanac

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