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John Vrbanac john.vrbanac at linux.com
Sat Jul 14 06:36:55 UTC 2012

Hello all,
I reviewed Lockbox and made a few changes to correct some lintian and
arb-lint issues. I have posted those changes in the following branch:


Two quick notes:
The app is dependent on udisks2 which is in the PPA. I am unclear to
where this falls according to the guidelines as there is a udisks (not
udisks2) package within the ubuntu archive. According to the guidelines,
would this be considered a newer version or a completely separate
package? Anyhow, I thought it was perhaps worth mentioning.

I noticed that the deb in the PPA does not install to /opt; however,
when I pulled down the trunk and packaged it I noticed that it went to
extras. I'm assuming that this happening due to the known "quickly
submitubuntu" issue.

Other than those things, I test drove the app and it looks like it
functions as described.

John Vrbanac

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