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We need some more information
Please respond to this request from our approval team, and then resubmit your application:
Thanks a lot for your submission. This is a review for inclusion into the Ubuntu Software Center. 

Your package looks mostly fine, good work, some comments though:
- the /etc/xdg/autostart file is buggy, it references to an /usr path where the binary is in /opt, we also recommends against system autostart files, could you change your program to write the autostart for the user to .local on first start?
- running the indicator hits an ImportError on pygame, you need a depends on python-pygame
- you can drop the "Copyright: (C) 2012 Brian Douglass bhdouglass at</property>
" line from the debian/copyright
- the debian/control file Standards-Version should be 3.9.3

The autostart and missing pygame depends are enough for the application to not work on a fresh install so I'm not acking your submission yet, can you please fix those and push an update?

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