[Vote] Tastebook

Leonardo Robol leo at robol.it
Fri Jul 13 07:48:14 UTC 2012

Il 12/07/2012 16:59, Bhavani Shankar R ha scritto:
> I found an app with exact app name developed for iphone now being
> developed for android (as on their forums)
> [...]
> So, need to confirm any similarities if present or if its different it
> could go with a unique name to avoid confusion I guess.

Hi all,
I'm writing to clarify this point. There's no connection from the
tastebook submitted to the ARB and the one of tastebook.com: actually I
didn't know that the latter existed.

So, if there is naming conflict issue, I could certainly go with
renaming my app.

I'm sorry it was not totally clear if this was a question directed to me
or not. Hope this clarification helps, if more details are needed, just
feel free to ask.

Thanks for your work,
Leonardo Robol <leo at robol.it>

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