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Thu Jul 12 19:18:08 UTC 2012


What does this mail mean for me?
Do I am now rejected from the Ubuntu App Showdown??

You write from 35 source files....
My code is lightweight and easy to understand. Where are the 35 source
I added only 3 additional dialogs after the command "quickly create
ubuntu-application .." (including 3 .py files ) and 2 additional
.py-files ( and This was my first application
with Python, Glade and Quickly.
Here are my statements for the files, i created during development.
Comment for the 3 additional dialogs:
They only contain the 3 steps that are all the same in all three
1) Calculate the results from the input-fields
2) Export the results on file system in a CSV (including
3) Clear the dialog to initial state
Comment for the 2 additional .py-files:
The first contains only a constant variable and the second contains some
functions like conversion of float to string for the output at the
dialog and a file-chooser-dialog. The second file is not very long.

My statement for other comments:
I am not familiar with packaging. I only used the standard
quickly-commands ("share", "submitubuntu" and "package"). I don't know
how to solve this problems with dependencies because the  config-files
will be always overwritten when I am using the quickly-commands.

I worked very hard on this three weeks for creating my first app with
quickly and uploading my first app in Launchpad and I hope this app will
be a part of the Showdown, not be rejected and will appear in the Ubuntu
Software Center.

Please reply to me!

Kindest regards,
Marian Lux

Am 2012-07-12 17:51, schrieb Martin Owens:
> Review Done:
> App:
> Branch:
> lp:~ubuntu-app-review-contributors/ubuntu-app-reviews/interest-calculation
> License Check: GPLv3, all correct
> Functionality Check: All Working (12.04)
> Lint Results:
> W: The ARB wants only one changelog entry in debian/changelog, so you
> might
>    want to collate all the relevant information in one changelog entry
>    under the last version and date.
> W: This app seems to list cdbs as a Build-Depends in debian/control, but
>    does not use it in debian/rules. It should be safe to remove it in
>    debian/control.
> W: You might want to update the Standards-Version in debian/control to
>    version 3.9.3.
> W: This app might be too big to be reviewed by the ARB. It has 35 source
>    files and 3933 lines of code. This might serve as reply to the app
>    submitter: We are sorry to inform you that this app is outside the
> scope
>    of the App Review Board. Our focus is on lightweight apps. We are
>    generally looking for the kind of apps which could be reviewed for
>    functionality and security in about an hour reading through the code.
> might suit you
>    better.
> W: This package does not use DEP-5, which provides a machine-readable
>    debian/copyright file. You might want to review
> to
>    find out how to accomplish it.
>    /ubuntu-app-reviews/harvestwidget/view/head:/debian/copyright has a
> live
>    example for a simple app.

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