Review: timecontrol

Martin Owens doctormo at
Thu Jul 12 16:53:41 UTC 2012

Review Done:


License Check: GPLv3, all correct

Functionality Check: All Working (12.04)

Lint Results:

W: The ARB wants only one changelog entry in debian/changelog, so you
   want to collate all the relevant information in one changelog entry
   under the last version and date.
W: This app seems to list cdbs as a Build-Depends in debian/control, but
   does not use it in debian/rules. It should be safe to remove it in
W: You might want to update the Standards-Version in debian/control to
   version 3.9.3.
W: This app might be too big to be reviewed by the ARB. It has 47 source
   files and 7303 lines of code. This might serve as reply to the app
   submitter: We are sorry to inform you that this app is outside the
   of the App Review Board. Our focus is on lightweight apps. We are
   generally looking for the kind of apps which could be reviewed for
   functionality and security in about an hour reading through the code. might suit you
W: This package does not use DEP-5, which provides a machine-readable
   debian/copyright file. You might want to review to
   find out how to accomplish it.
   /ubuntu-app-reviews/harvestwidget/view/head:/debian/copyright has a
   example for a simple app.

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