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Sorry, meant to send this as a review comment:
Thanks a lot for your submission. This is a review for inclusion into the Ubuntu Software Center. I pushed a couple of changes to which you might want to merge. 

A few other things you might want to fix:
 - the .desktop file should go into /usr/share/applications/, but you might want to call it extras-shopping-calc.desktop or something
 - I encountered this crash on startup: 
Traceback (most recent call last): 
File "/opt/", line 44, in <module> 
File "/opt/", line 44, in main 
window = ShoppingCalcWindow.ShoppingCalcWindow() 
File "/opt/", line 44, in __new__ 
builder = get_builder('ShoppingCalcWindow') 
File "/opt/", line 36, in get_builder 
 ui_filename = get_data_file('ui', '%s.ui' % (builder_file_name,)) 
File "/opt/", line 51, in get_data_file 
 return os.path.join(get_data_path(), *path_segments) 
File "/opt/", line 68, in get_data_path
 raise project_path_not_found 

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