[Vote] Monxcleyr Soundboard

Monxcleyr Productions monxcleyrproductions at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 15:10:47 UTC 2012


I just want to confirm that my comments made in the feedback tab on
myapps have been viewed. Source code in the project was not up to date
with the package uploaded to my ppa, which was the intended version
for release. The 1.3.2 version on the project page from that time is
not fit for mass release due to bugs which were later fixed in the
intended version (1.4.1). I have since pushed the correct code to the
project page with the changes in Daniel's branch. This also applies
for getting the intended release version used for voting in the App
Showdown. This was entirely my mistake due to ignorance with how
launchpad and app submission operates.

Michael Blackwood

On 7/10/12, Daniel Holbach <daniel.holbach at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> On 10.07.2012 16:17, Stéphane Graber wrote:
>>  - debhelper version mismatch between debian/compat and debian/control.
>> W: monxcleyr-soundboard source:
>> package-needs-versioned-debhelper-build-depends 8
>> W: monxcleyr-soundboard source:
>> debhelper-overrides-need-versioned-build-depends (>= 7.0.50~)
>> W: monxcleyr-soundboard: possible-unindented-list-in-extended-description
>> W: monxcleyr-soundboard: script-not-executable
>> opt/extras.ubuntu.com/monxcleyr-soundboard/monxcleyr_soundboard/soundboard.py
> Fixed, DEP5 too.
> Have a great day,
>  Daniel
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