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Current status:  Your application Sprite Creator Needs Information.

We need some more information
Please respond to this request from our approval team, and then resubmit your application:
Thanks a lot for your submission. This is a review for inclusion into the Ubuntu Software Center.

A couple of things you might want to consider fixing in your app:
 - opt/ should live in /opt/ instead
 - changelog entry should be for 'precise', not 'unstable'
 - you might want to bump Standards-Version in debian/control to 3.9.3
 - you should be able to drop debian/README.*
 - debian/copyright still includes a lot of 'boilerplate' text
 - it'd be good to wrap the lines in the description section of debian/control at 80 chars
 - do you think you could add a COPYING file to the source?
 - the ppa_intro.txt file should not be necessary
 - Running the app, "Quit", "About Qt" and "About me" don't seem to work
 - Running the app, the menu entries, even in the menu bar seem to have a "(<letter>)" in their description

Thanks a lot for your submission.

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The Ubuntu Software Center team
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