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We need some more information
Please respond to this request from our approval team, and then resubmit your application:
Thanks for your submission.

In the review of you app I noticed the following things which might be worth fixing:
 - I noticed files in the .deb which were placed in ./opt/ but couldn't find any online help within the app.
 - You might want to expand the description in debian/control a bit. (The first line is fine, as it is the short description, but the second line could be a short paragraph)
 - "This package won't be installed on your system because the local version is major then PPA's one" could be rephrased to say something along the lines of "This package can't be installed on your system, because the local version is already more up to date than the one in the PPA."
 - I noticed a mismatch in used licenses. Most of the app is under GPL3+ ("or any later version"), but and apport/ are not. If you choose to update them as well, you might want to update debian/copyright as well and change GPL-3 to GPL-3+.

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